Have you ever wondered how your city stacks up against other cities of the same size? Each big city has it great history and pockets of ethnic neighborhoods (Chinatown, Little Italy, etc.). Some even have very similar features like Central Park in New York City and Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. All big cities share the same problems with traffic and crime, but they also share the opportunity to try awesome food and restaurants!

Little cities have their own unique personalities as well. Everyone knows and looks out for each other. Weird as it may be, everyone dates each other as well! Everyone knows the town gossip and when a stranger moves in. In Colorado, there are many sleepy mountain towns and former gold mine towns. But regardless of where you are in Colorado, you can bet the sun will be shining.

Colorado Springs is a unique blend of big city and small town. With larger Denver only 1 hour to the north, and smaller Pueblo 1 hour to the south, it seems like Colorado Springs has the best of both worlds. To the west are the mountains so the city can only grow towards the east. There are some communities expanding north and south, but the major opportunity is east of the city.

Colorado Springs also has a large military community. The largest employer in the city is the ARMY base, Ft. Carson. The north part of the city hosts the Air Force Academy, and Peterson and Schriever Air Force Bases are not too far away either. Many military personnel had a tour here and liked it so much, they decided to retire in Colorado Springs once their service had been completed.

However, by far, the best thing about Colorado Springs is the people and small businesses that make up our growing city. The spirit of entrepreneurship is alive and well in Colorado Springs. If you ever need the services of a junk hauling company, please check out Elvina Can-tu’s Hauling. This is unique because she is a woman owned and operated business (unexpected for a junk removal service right?). She is very reliable and her prices are competitive. You can learn more about her company at www.haulingcoloradosprings.com.

I can brag about how great Colorado Springs is all day so I’ll save it for another post…